Loch Lomond - Single Grain

On the 7th of September a Flash Blog event is organised by Loch Lomond and the Whisky Wire. This is for the single grain expression they produce in coffey still from malted barley. This adds something different to it from what we know from a single grain for sure.

Recently visiting the Loch Lomond distillery, seeing their operation, was amazing. A sample of the single grain expression bottled at 46% was given to take home to have a closer look at it. My notes from that sample are below that I posted in June, Thomas his notes are on his website of course and now having a chance again to taste this I added an update. Also you can find on the social media other reviews posted on this date in the Flash Blog by following the hashtags #LochLomond #FlashBlog Be sure to check those out!

My first note on this single grain expression was... The nose is full of sweet fruit notes and vanilla, raisin, dried apricots, grilled pineapple and apricots. A light nutty note, soft baking spices and whole grain cookies also in this fruity nose, that has a mixture of different orchard and tropical notes with chocolate flakes. A sweet palate with red and green apples, lemon, pineapples, oranges, Victoria sponge cake, chocolate paste, tea biscuits, icing sugar, sweet honey, liquerish and a warm apple pie with wiped cream on top. The medium length finish is sweet and full of vanilla and honey notes. A lovely dram for sure! Scoring it an 8 out of 10. A desert kind of a dram...

And now a couple of months later what do I find? The nose has a rich sweet malt and syrupy fruit feeling to it. Creamy vanilla, dried fruits and a tropical syrupy side of pineapple and mango juice. Red apples, oranges, pomolo, hint of grapefruit, whole grain biscuits with rich chocolate chips in it, hint of baking spices and after a while something of candle wax and pine cones come to the front through the fruit sweetness. The palate is to me much like tasted before, creamy sweet, honey comb, loads of fruits, finding tropical and orchard in it. A good length finish with nutty notes on the finish. Scoring the same as before for it being just lovely stuff, must say a bit syrupy sweet somewhat but a good expression and something just a little bit different...

Thanks again for sharing it Loch Lomond! 

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