Glencadam - 17 Years Triple Cask Portwood Finish

Recently when visiting the Glencadam distillery a taste was given of the Glencadam 17 years old whisky 'Triple Cask Portwood Finish' bottled at 46%.

On the nose red forrest fruit sweetness with vanilla and fudge.
Warm, soft and sweet fruit notes mixed with soft spices and a hint of prunes and plums...

The palate is creamy and fruity, with a bit of tannin dryness combined with cherries on the medium length finish. Red and black forrest fruits, black pepper, some other spices, stone fruit, bit of exotic fruit also coming through and a hint of elder flower blossom combined with chocolate. Very sweet dram for sure.

Scoring me an 8 out of 10. It is very very sweet but is a lovely dram. Thanks Glencadam for sharing this dram to explore!

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