LovingWhisky - Independent tasting notes on whisky and other distilled spirits by Ansgar Speller

Old Pulteney - 12

When visiting the Pulteney distillery recently a sample was shared of the 12 year old whisky that is bottled at 40%. On the nose I can find notes of green apples, gooseberries, pomegranate, creme honey, vanilla, heather, some floral notes, liquorish root, nutmeg, graphite, bit dusty and a hint of pencil shavings. 

With these notes I expected some more bitterness and sour notes on the palate but I was surprised with honey and fruit sweetness. Vanilla, raisins, cranberry, dried apricots, red apples, oranges, grilled pineapple, banana and pear juice. There is a creamy citrus freshness and herbal note going on in the medium length finish that I have spotted also in the new make spirit before. 

Some notes from the nose and palate on the 12 year old I can find also in the new make and some similarities in the 17 year old expression but there it is less present then here in the 12. The 17 did feel more balanced then the 12 year old. But this one feels more interesting and stronger "present". If only the nose had some less dusty and graphite notes and a bit more sweetness then it would be for me a higher score but for now I give it an 7 out of 10. Thanks for sharing the sample!  

Old Pulteney - 17

When visiting the Pulteney distillery recently a sample was shared of the 17 year old whisky to taste when back home and revisit some old notes. This is an expression bottled at 46% and aged in ex-Bourbon as well as ex-Sherry casks.

The nose is full with notes of canned tropical fruit mix syrup, toffee, strawberry cotton candy, very ripe banana, oranges, canned nectarines, powdered sugar, red apple, elder flower syrup, little bit of spices and leather note.

On the palate I find a bit dryness from ginger, nutmeg and some vegetable root notes. Sweetness from apples, pear juice, heather honey, banana, oranges, mixed red summer fruits, grilled pineapple and vanilla. Medium length sweet finish with some lemon freshness and a hint of dark chocolate in the back. Scoring it an good 7,5/10. It is a balanced dram with lots of fresh and sweet notes making it interesting. Thanks for sharing a sample!

Old Pulteney - New Make

At the Pulteney distillery some new make spirit at 63,5% was shared for a nose and taste. It is a curious one I must say and took me a while to get the different layers in it. On the nose I find some lemon thyme freshness combined with sweet malt, a soft nutty note, creamy lemon cheese cake, thick dark berries sauce, hint of vanilla and liquorish root.

There is something that reminds me of fermenting apples, spices and herbs in it together with a hint of meat notes. In the start it was more poultry meat but after a while it changes in the glass and makes it more warm pork meat that is not done yet cooking through.

After a bit also notes of graphite, onions, furniture polish and creamy spinach come to mind. How something can start as fresh, fruity, creamy and herbal and change into something totally different... The palate is much the same experience as I got from the nose only adding some 'zwart wit kogels' on the medium length finish. Thanks for sharing the sample!

Wolfburn - 1st standard release

From the new make to the two year old I find myself sitting down today with the 1st standard release bottled at 46% from the Wolfburn distillery to see how it is developing. Fresh notes on the nose of oranges, equaliptus, pomolo, ginger, mocha, hint of spekkoek and pistachios. Also some sweeter notes of vanilla, red apples, white raisins, hint of malt and rose hip. Getting a bit of canned syrup fruit and custard pudding after a while, the sweet creamy and fruity notes seem to be opening up more. Flavours of mango juice, cloves, warm banana and pineapple are popping up in my mind when nosing this...

Lovely nose even with the young feeling to it. It does not bother me much and is not harsh new make like on the nose. The palate is just like the nose predicted it would be, making it a balanced experience with a warm sweet fruit mix with a good dose of fresh honey and thick cream on top of it. Getting different sort of forrest fruits, orchard, tropical, canned, citrus etc. A lovely mix with some cookie dough and baking spices added to it on the good length finish. Scoring it an 8,5/10 Lovely stuff. Thanks for sharing the sample with us Wolfburn!

Wolfburn - New Make

When visiting the Wolfburn distillery recently a chance was given to taste the 2016 new make spirit. Always a great chance to have a look at the spirit of a distillery, especially when you can get the unpeated and peated next to each other. First a look at the unpeated one at 69,9%. On the nose I get grain, apples, creamy, fudge, overripe mashed banana, blackcurrant and hint of cassis. The palate shows me a hint of floral notes and some sweet orchard fruits. Some earthy note between the creamy malt and some dry note on the finish like a spicy wood note combined with shortbread. For just a short period of the year they produce a lightly peated spirit at 10 ppm and 69,5%. In what way are there differences with the unpeated and 10 ppm? It is just a small difference but it makes for something more creamy and sweet for sure with adding some soft smoke notes, fennel and heather that is full in bloom. It seems to add an extra creamy fresh and sweet layer to the notes on the nose found before. The palate carriers a good punch of spices, fruit and malt sweetness. The smoke is subtle, but I have the feeling it can handle more. Would be great to see what they are going to do in the future and if small batches at different peat levels will be hitting the market. Good and promising spirit. Thanks for sharing it Wolfburn!