Glencadam - 15

When recently visiting the Glencadam distillery a chance was given to have a closer look at their 15 year old whisky bottled at 46%.

Nose has a lot of creamy fruit syrup notes together with fudge and red apple, oranges, lime, pomolo, grapefruit, plums, apricots, sultana, vanilla, powdered sugar, rich fruit cake and grilled pineapple. Starting to like this one already. Lets see what the palate gives me.

At first it is much like the nose and feels very balanced. But then a good dose of citrus fruit freshness and lemon cheesecake creamy sweetness appears followed by a rich chocolate malt note. Almost a bit exotic feeling to it.

A medium length finish with a warm, creamy, fruity feeling with some notes of chocolate mouse in the end. A fresh, sweet fruity dram for sure! Scoring me an 8/10, lovely dram! Thanks for sharing the sample Glencadam!

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