Glencadam Origin 1825

Glencadam send over a sample of their Origin 1825 release to discover. It is bottled at 40% and has been produced out of a selection of whisky matured in American white-oak bourbon barrels and with a finish in Oloroso Sherry butts. 

On the nose I first encounter something that makes me think of the direction of a bit sulphur and young spirit. It for sure needs time and a good while with me to develop some underlying notes. I start to find more notes of sweet barley, dirty muddy leather, spices and hyacinths as a first layer and after that it becomes a bit sweeter with time showing some soft red fruits in a warm vanilla pudding.

The palate I have the same troubles with as on the nose. Pear, lemon, oak, flowers, raisin, vanilla, malt, pink grapefruit, waxy and bit dryness from some spices like cinnamon are coming to the front after a bit. Just as on the nose it shows sweeter notes with a good amount of time like red apple, banana, redcurrant, fresh apple juice and dried fruits. 

Doubting how to score this one. It has some good notes in it, but I need to work very hard to dig them up and for me a bit too sour on the palate with the medium length finish, the oak bitter and citrus stay on like orange marmalade. And well, I am not a fan of orange marmalade sadly and that makes me score it an 7 out of 10 in the end. If you like the fresh almost sour notes of marmalade and citrus with dry leather / (light) cocoa powder on the mouth feel then you will like this for sure, but not for me. Thanks Glencadam for sharing the sample!

After our recent visit to the distillery I had another chance to taste this dram and make some new notes. It was to me a soft nose with notes of malt, fruit, powdered sugar and vanilla creme. Canned fruit syrup, red apples and pear juice came strongly to the front. On the palate that same sweetness of fruit, fudge and grilled pineapple. Red apple, banana, vanilla, candied ginger and a light note of coffee. Medium length and soft vanilla and cotton candy finish. Very accessible sweet, fruity and creamy dram scoring me an 7,5/10. Funny to see again what another moment with the same whisky can make a difference. 

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