Glencadam - 12 years old

The cask strength 12 year old whisky (around 60%) was something a taste was given of when visiting the distillery recently, thanks Glencadam for the opportunity! On the nose loads of sweet fruit notes. A bit dense nose with spices and some herbs also. Red apple, powdered sugar, blackcurrant, woodpolish, bit of pine and candied orange chocolates. The palate is thick and syrupy. Orchard, dried and tropical fruits are very present together with a good amount of forrest fruits. Vanilla, chocolate malt, fresh and sweet. Grilled pineapple and mango, cocos shavings, passion fruit and hint of pomegranate. Lovely combinations. A medium length finish that is very sweet with some lemon/orange freshness cutting through the thick creamy vanilla and fruit notes. Scoring it an 8/10, I really could like this one when it would have been available for sale...

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