Penderyn - Madeira

Back a long time ago at Maltstock some samples were traded with Thomas Hermann. Among those was this sample from Penderyn, the Madeira expression bottled at 46%. I tried this at festivals before and liked it. Curious to see what I think of it now a while later. It is matured in bourbon barrels and finished in Madeira casks. 

The nose is very fruity with creamy vanilla, rose pedals, rose water, raisins, red apple, bit dusty hay, oranges, chocolates, blackcurrant and coffee. Soft and sweet...

Palate is much like the nose with loads of different fruit notes. Fresh red fruits, sweet, roses and honey. Oranges, hint of lime in the back and some dry spice notes. 

The finish is soft and has a bit of a demerara sugary feeling to it. Loads of sweet vanilla but not too long sadly. Scoring me a 7,5 out of 10. It is an easy drinking fresh and sweet whisky but has some young notes to it almost...? That makes is a bit rough between the fruit sweetness. 

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