Inchgower - 14 year old Flora & Fauna

Photo credit: Whisky Exchange
During the Spirit of Speyside at the end of the tour around the Inchgower Distillery a dram was poured of the 14 year old expression out of the Flora & Fauna series bottled at 43%.

The nose has a lot of dust and wet card board notes at first with salt, cocoa powder, barley, dry hay, barley, ginger, lemon ice tea, earl grey tea, tannins and a light floral note in the back... Ok... not that promising then for the start... Lets take a sip.

The palate has some lemon bitterness, dry cinnamon and leather notes and further much like the ones from the nose. A hint of very soft vanilla and raisins mixed with the hay note and tannins. Hmmm...

The finish... Not that long with some icing sugar and salty peanuts that are lingering on. I am getting some old fashioned dark liquerish notes on the nose and palate after a while and makes me think of the old fashioned salmiak powder. Scoring an 6 out of 10. This one is not for me I am afraid... Curious to hear what other people think of this dram.

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