Knockando - 18 year old (1990)

Back in 2013 I made a note on the 18 year old expression distilled in 1992. Reading it back it seems to me that I missed some power in it to give it a higher score. At the recent Spirit of Speyside festival I had another chance to try the Knockando 18 year old, but this time distilled in 1990. Curious to see what it does compared to the one from 1992. Bottled at 43% and Sherry cask matured.

On the nose I directly get Christmas pudding, crème brulee and creamy fresh sweet fruit notes. Grilled pineapple, oranges, ginger, raisin and nut bread, mango, dried prunes, hint of leather and cinnamon. Some dark chocolate, baking spices, cumin and some rye bread in the back.

From the palate I get also these sweet notes just like the nose. But with a short and bit dry finish with cumin, clove and nutmeg. The nose is very promising but on the palate the strength does not hold up and it fades away quickly. Scoring a bit higher now then in 2013, an 7,5 out of 10, but coming sadly to the same conclusion for me... Thanks Knockando for sharing it!

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