Bunnahabhain 25 years old

Thanks to a bottle share group in 2014 a sample of the 25 year old Bunnahabhain whisky at 46,3% was purchased. Yes, it says 2014. I know. Slow sometimes with getting things processed, but I always get to them. Sitting back now, opening the sample, letting it breath a bit and then nosing and sipping it. Just enjoying the good dram shared amongst whisky enthusiasts around the globe...

Thick sherry notes on the nose for sure! Also some cherry in syrup, rubber, dark heather honey and reminding me of the thick flavours of teppanyaki when the dense spray of spices, herbs and other flavours is released when the sauce hits the hot iron plate. Bit like black bean sauce and miso paste?

Blood oranges, puffed pastry, brioche, infused strawberry black tea, salty soya sauce, dark chocolate, coffee with toffee syrup, hints of tiger balm, nutmeg, clove, vanilla sweetness, menthol, leather, raisins and cinnamon rolls. Getting hungry for a good Asian dish right now nosing this...

Lets taste. The palate is warm, rich, sweet and full of the notes from the nose with adding more spices and fruits bursting open when tasting it. Crumbly red apples, banana, plums, baking spices and lots of pastries going through my mind right now. But also the flavours of a thick gravy with loads of sweet red onions that have been simmering in the gravy for sometime with the meat. Lovely dram with a nice finish that makes me think of vanilla, chocolate, raisins and cranberries. Scoring it an 9/10. Hope Thomas leaves me some after he made his note to enjoy again :-) #nomnomnom

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