Zuidam - Dutch Courage - Aged Gin 88

The Dutch Zuidam Distillers produced a lovely gin called Dutch Courage - Aged Gin 88. Batch number 001 is aged on american oak, from the year 2013 and bottled at 44%. On the website they show all the different gin products and tell us this about this aged gin

Dutch Courage Aged Dry Gin is made according to the exact same recipe as our normal Dutch Courage Dry Gin using fresh citrus fruit and small batch distillations. The difference is that this dry gin is aged in new 200 litre American oak casks. 
This adds a layer of beguiling vanilla and spice to the still fresh and fruity gin. The result of this is absolutely stunning. The gentle softness and complex freshness will make the perfect Dry Martini or a stunning Gin and Tonic.
The nose is fresh, sweet and full of spices. Notes of lemon, menthol, vanilla, cumin seeds, oranges, cardamom, fruity and so many other lush ones. Makes me think of the aromas of herbal baths and spas. Love this nose, can sniff it for hours...

Liquerish fruity and sweet notes on the palate with fresh lemon and menthol. Makes me think of good pastries and sweet rolls. One side is a lot of creamy sweetness of different fruits and on the other side it almost is a bit "meaty" like dense date bread, tangerine, cumin seeds, ginger, roast potatoes with rosemary and glacéed ham with mustard and pineapple. It is quite complex and full of different lovely notes with a good length finish. Scoring me this aged gin a good 8,5 out of 10. This is wonderful stuff. Glad I bought a bottle and getting the feeling that it wont last long...

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