Kalkwijck - Graanjenever

From the Dutch Kalkwijck distillers comes this grain jenever bottled at 35%. On the nose I find a lot of buttermilk notes mixed with grain, citrus, ginger, creamy, vanilla, cereal, sand cookies, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown candy sugar, tangerines and speculaas.

The palate is much the same as on the nose but less sour milk notes. It is more fruity, apple, pear juice, banana and gooseberry. Lots of baking spices, chocolate chip cookie dough and orange marmalade.

Medium length finish that is warming and sweet with a vanilla creamy feeling a bit but also lemon cheesecake freshness. A lot like the Jonge Jenever I tried before on the nose and palate, but a bit sweeter and more citrus notes. Scoring it an 7 out of 10.

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