The Balvenie - Tun 1401 Batch 5

The Balvenie Tun 1401 batch 5 is bottled at 50,1% and is a vatting of traditional whisky casks (#5241, #7044, #17894, #2384 and #439) and Sherry buts (#6444, #13144, #13838 and 978) as stated on the label.

Always a treat this dram, something special. Been enjoying this bottle for a bit now and slowly the contents is getting less and less. Time to write me a tasting note before it is all gone...

Rich and sweet nose with loads of warm spices. Warm apple pie, dirty leather and book bindings. Crème brulee, burned toast, coffee, fudge, dark chocolate truffles and different dried and fresh fruits .

These notes continue clearly on the palate that is also next to that sweet and full of different fruits, rich honey notes, black current, vanilla, cherries, dark rich forrest fruit jam, dried pineapple and dried mango. A very fruity and sweet dram for sure.

Some warm notes of spices and freshly backed bread come forward after the fruit fades away a bit leaving a feeling of sherbet powder, tumtums, liquerish and honey. Lovely complex, chewable and balanced dram with a good length finish on it. Scoring it an 9 out of 10.

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