Plantation rum - Extra Old Reserve - Guatamala XO

This Plantation rum is bottled specially for Bresser & Timmer from the Netherlands as a limited edition numbered 001 drawn from cask no 18/25 and producing in total 150 bottles of single cask rum at 41,2% with a finish in an ice wine cask.

On the nose fresh notes of lemon, oranges, pink grapefruit mixing with sweet honey, ripe mango, hint of cocos, leather, thick warm vanilla pudding, passion fruit, kiwi, pomegranate and banana. Sweet, fresh, but not too overpowering sweet, it has something menthol almost in it that covers it all.

The palate is much like the nose, giving a good mix between fresh and fruity sweet. Lots of other fruits come to mind also from red forrest fruits, cherries, orchard fruits and loads of tropical ones.

Mix this with some warm baking spices and you get a feeling of warm cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies on the long finish. Some fennel also well present here to give the liquerish feel into this mix.

I just love these kind of rums that are not too overpowering in its flavours but present a good balance with rich notes. Something to enjoy all year around... Scoring it an 8,5 out 10. Great stuff!


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    1. It is isn't it? Great product, loving the Plantation rums more and more, definitely a favourite in my search in the rums...