Renegade rum company - Monymusk distillery - Jamaica rum - 5 years old

From the Renegade rum company comes this rum from the Monymusk distillery. Produced by Bruichladdich and bottled by Murray McDavid at 46% and aged for 5 years with an additional maturation in a Tempranillo cask from Ribera del Duero

Noticed this bottle in a store and in my quest to learn more about the different kind of rums this one seemed very interesting. I could not find much online about the Renegade rum company but this is a little piece of the Bruichladdich website archives about it

We’ve been playing with rums for a while using the Murray McDavid label for a handful of bottlings – one of which was declared in the World’s Top 50 spirits of the year in 2006 by Paul Paccult’s Malt Enthusiast with a 96-100 rating. Encouraged by that success, we are now taking it more seriously.

Islay bottled, single distillery rum ACE’d by Jim in stunning French oak casks for added flavour, texture and originality. This is not your rum and coke spirit; nor your pirate’s Yo! Ho! Ho! liquor; nor your cocktail umbrella’d breezer readymix drink. No, this is rum Unplugged – and boy is it good. Savour the flavour, enjoy it like a single malt.

Curious to learn more about this Jamaican distillery called Monymusk. So back online and seeing what I can find about it. Only a couple of sites got me little bits of information about it being from the former Innswood distillery (Clarendon Distillers Limited (CDL)) Not in production apparently anymore since the 1950's but only used as an ageing and blending location. Curious to learn more about these kind of things, if anyone knows more about it please let me know. But in the end the liquid is quite pleasant, even if I cant find much about it and enjoying it greatly. My notes on this rum... 

At first the nose has some dusty old books to it but beneath that is loads of sweetness hidden. Not an overpowering strong sweetness on the nose that you often find (at least that is my experience) but hints of green apples, celery, vanilla, fresh figs and dates. some raisin, light liquerish and dried apples. The palate is much sweeter then the nose is at first. The almost woody honey notes mixed with fresh and dried fruit give it of the tropical feel but with some sweet desert wine on the medium length finish. Lovely light notes of some burned toast and nuts come through but just a bit, almost making me think of some breakfast cereal, the kind with all the dried fruits and nuts in it. 

It is balanced and shows enough to keep you interested for sure, but leaves mostly a honey sweet and vanilla/crème brulee feeling in the end that is just a bit too strong. But not unpleasant. I have been sipping on this rum for a couple of times to see what I think about it and cant make up my mind and keep saying "lovely, but..." No regrets buying this, non at all, enjoying it greatly, but just something keeps missing in it. Don't know what it is. But still scoring it an 8 out of 10. Loving this explorations from time to time in other spirits then whisky!  

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