The Grainman - North British 27 year old

One of the recent releases from the Grainman comes from the North British distillery. Distilled in October 1988 and then matured in cask No 8 with a PX Sherry finish for 8 months. In total 282 bottles were bottled in March 2016 at the age of 27 years and 50,1% cask strength

The nose is filled with dense fruit syrup, tangerines, powdered sugar, vanilla, raisins and freshly baked sweet bread. Warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and soft nougat. With time getting liquerish sweet for sure!

Lovely sweet, creamy and spicy palate. Lush soft notes of a good breakfast with mixed cereals, dried fruits, Greek yoghurt, fresh raspberries and redcurrant. Pepper, soft spices, honey, herbs and different fresh fruits. Crumbly sweet red apple, banana, melon, mango, oranges, chocolate chips and soft citrus gummy candy sweets. Quite a good length of a finish on it and it feels balanced. Scoring me an 8 out of 10. Thanks Andy for sharing it!

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