Tormore 16

Recently I had a look at the 14 year old expression of Tormore. Another sample that was sitting on the shelf for a while is the 16 year old bottled at 48%. Lets have a closer look at it...

On the nose I find it dark honey sweetness with fruit notes of apricots, red apple, pear, orange and pineapple. Creamy vanilla, sticky toffee pudding, cereal and raisin. It almost has something earthy to it like the smell of a forrest after a storm.

Palate is warm and filled with fruity sweetness just like the nose. Ginger, cereals, raisin, vanilla and dried pineapple I can find in it. That together with cappuccino, pear, melon, coconut milk, roasted paprika powder and black pepper.

The finish is of medium length, sweet and nice, but it is very syrupy and sweet, and also a hint of some sulphur in the end maybe? It takes me back to the earthy forrest notes of the nose. Scoring an 7,5 out of 10. It has something but as said a bit too sweet...

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