Auchroisk - Flora and Fauna 10 year old

Going through some samples from the Flora and Fauna series at the moment and from the visit to the Auchroisk distillery we brought home a sample of the 10 year old expression bottled at 43%. For the story that WhiskySpeller did about the visit look here or if you want to see some photos have a look here.

On the nose directly I get some marzipan, butter and nuts. Followed by cinnamon and nutmeg mixed with sawdust, malt and something dusty. Very ripe red apples that are already mouldy and yeasting a bit...

The palate shows me some sweet barley with lots of creamy lemon, vanilla and fudge. Lots of fudge and red apple. Some other fruit notes and loads of honey sweetness with some grapefruit, orange and banana.

The finish is quite short and sweet with a hint of bit sour citrus note running through the sweet vanilla. It is a good dram, but overall I find it too sweet and gives me the feeling I am missing something in it... Scoring it an 7 out of 10.

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