SMWS - 35.112 - Glen Moray - Perfect storm of flavours

The bottling from SMWS called 35.112 Perfect storm of flavours is an 17 year old expression bottled at 51,8% from the Glen Moray distillery. Distilled at the 17th of December 1996 and bottled in 2014 from an 1st fill designer barrel and producing 143 bottles.

The nose gives me some different flower notes and is high on fruit sweetness. Vanilla, raisin, thick, liquerish and creamy. Notes of grilled pineapple, cookie dough, maple syrup, pancakes, banana boat (my version is a warm banana from the BBQ cut open, brown sugar on it and some whisky poured over it set to fire and then topped with chocolate sauce and ice cream), powdered sugar, cactus fruit, persimmon, hint of pomolo and ginger cake. 

On the palate I find a lot of sweetness coming from fruit, fruit and much more fruit... Thick honey comb and fudge notes mixed with some softer flower notes and soft herbal notes. Creme brulee, warm sticky marshmallows, warm anise milk and candied ginger. 

Scoring me an 8/10 even when it is for me a bit on the very sweet side but it is so nice in this case with a good length finish. The palate and finish is full with thick tropical fruit juice notes with mango, oranges, pineapple, passion fruit, papaya and so many other fruits like that coming to mind on the finish. 

Nice rich fruit cake notes, Turkish delight, cream, mocha, dough, pistachio, almonds, chocolate chips, nougat, warm apple pie and dried figs. 

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