The Golden Cask - Port Ellen 27 years old

During our last visit to The Green Welly Stop we were fortunate to get a sample of the Golden Cask from the Port Ellen distillery, 27 years old and bottled at 51,8%.

The nose makes me think at first of the smell of the road mixed with vanilla, honey, smoke and other earthy notes. Showing some notes of plums, red current, raisins and maybe a hint of espresso in the back? With time it gets stronger on the nose on the red apple and honey sweetness and reveals heavy floral notes like hyacinth, roses and hortensias. Adding some water to it makes it softer and sweeter but it seems to flatten quickly. Shows some soft ginger, cumin, seaweed and mace after adding water.

On the palate I get peaty smoke and fruits. Red apple, banana creamy pudding, vanilla, raisin, bit of lemon, pink grapefruit, burned caramel and something almost like tar on the edges. Floor wax, wood notes, rosemary and thyme. With water is just feels flat sadly. Finish is of medium length with a bit dryness from tannins. And with water added I can find a bit more vanilla and soft fruit sweetness there, but very very soft... Not that big of a fan of the heavy floral notes and tarry wood must say, but that is just me, know lots of people that love that in a whisky... My score is an 7 out of 10 for now. Saved some of the sample, might come back to it on a later moment and see how I rate it then. Thanks to The Green Welly Stop for sharing it, and if you find yourself in the neighbourhood of Tyndrum make sure to stop for some food, gas, outdoor equipment, gifts, good whisky and much more...!

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