Amrut Naarangi

From Amrut comes the whisky called Naarangi. Bottled at 50% and the first batch was limited to 900 bottles. Amrut got Oloroso sherry from Spain and infused it with fresh orange peels for over 2 years. After that the sherry was removed and the cask filled with Amrut single malt for further maturation. Naarangi means orange in Hindi.

Tasted this one before the release at a festival and liked it very much also because it was something different and refreshing. There for some bottles were reserved directly to share around some BYOB events last year. Enjoyed the sharing with the discussions and experiments putting this along side the Orangerie from Compass Box for example. It really gave some interesting discussions and especially when people tasted this blind.

Time to make some notes I think for myself before the last bottle is empty. The nose and palate are very balanced and besides the obvious, but not too present, oranges there are many sweet and fresh flavours to find in it. Clove, dried fruits, spices, fruitcake, rosemary, vanilla and wood notes on the nose. This all continues on the palate where is gets a warm combination and the dried and tropical fruit is enhanced even more.

Bringing also some red and black current, honey, ginger, lemon curd freshness and a hint of mint. The oranges are present overall but just making a mix that goes from blood oranges to tangerines to pomolo to pink grapefruit. Almost the entire citrus spectrum seems to be found back in this dram. A medium length sweet finish with a hint of vanilla and cocoa powder at the end. Scoring it an 7,5 out of 10. Tip: combined this last night with some chocolates filled with almond crème and that combination was delicious.

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