Ardbeg - Auriverdes

Ardbeg Day 2014 was the day they released the expression called Auriverdes bottled at 49.9%. Auri meaning gold and verdes green. The nose has some different sides to it for sure. Red apple, banana, raspberry, dried pineapple, little hint of figs and soft note of seashells. Then also some smoke and tar notes with soft seaweed. Rich vanilla and fruit notes combined with  fresh creamy citrus notes, mocha, biscuits and cookie dough. Ginger cake, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and sweet spices... 

On the palate there is much of the same as on the nose, giving it a bit meaty feeling to it with all the different notes. Peat, herbs, sweetness, (dried and fresh) fruit and lush cake notes... Reminding me a bit of pulled pork that was made at the BBQ masterclass in Ijmuiden. The freshness of citrus fruits following the darker earthy notes and in the end of the medium length finish coming together in a creamy vanilla and chocolate pudding feeling. It has a nice balance to it and is sweet and soft on one side, but there is also a rougher smoky side to it, and they mix good together. Scoring this an 8 out of 10. Like drams like this, perfect for a cold winter day to warm you up.

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