The Clan Denny - Girvan - Vintage 1992 - 21 years old

This Clan Denny grain whisky from the Girvan distillery is a single cask bottling from the cask with reference HH 9541, a refill barrel. In total 21 years old from 1992 and bottled at 59,6%.

On the nose I find fresh apricots, apple juice, fruit, vanilla and sugary syrup sweetness like the syrup from canned fruits (mixed fruit ones). It is silky creamy and reminds me of a glass with warm anise milk. Some raisins, soft cake notes, spices and roses are in the back of this dram.

The palate is much like the nose but also getting sweet liquerish and tum tum candy notes. The sweet, thick syrupy fruity feeling again that also was on the nose but now mixed with warm spices and crème brulee notes. Dried apricots, ripe red apple, banana, honey, fresh plums, fudge, pear juice, strawberries with sugar and cocoa butter. The finish is long and shows sweet fruit and vanilla notes.

When adding some water to it it becomes more sweeter, creamier and fruitier. Getting some clear baking spices and can keep chewing on this whisky for a while for sure. Scoring it an 8,5 out of 10.

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