Aberlour 100 proof

A couple of years ago we came across a 33 cl bottle of this Aberlour 100 proof expression bottled at 57,1%. I like a fruity and sweet Aberlour dram from time to time so curious to see what this one will give me...

Nose is sweet and creamy. Peaches, vanilla, spices, wood, clove and different fruits like apple, pear, orange, banana and elderflower. Hints of tropical fruit, malt, nuts, mocha and the outside of a coconut. The warm spices in this expression together with the fruity character make it a lovely nose.

Palate is very fruity and sweet. Together with the notes from the nose there is also things like raisins, crème brulee, fudge, tum tums, Victoria sponge cake, apricots and blackcurrant... And something also in there that makes me think of molasses a bit...? The finish is of medium length and has something of cocoa and coffee in it. Scoring it an 8 out of 10.

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