SMWS 9.82 Breathe in Long

The SMWS 9.82 Breathe in Long bottling is a 25 year old Glen Grant whisky at 52,1%. Distilled in April 1988 and matured in a refill butt. SMWS calls it a dram with an old & dignified flavour profile and their drinking tip for this is reading Beatrix Potter in the garden.

Well there is a garden behind the distillery, maybe it is a good idea to sit down there and enjoy this dram with a book... First let's have a look at it and what my notes are.

The nose at first gives a bit old book dusty feeling with a lemon bitterly layer underneath. Bit young green roughness feeling almost getting after that. It takes some time before soft vanilla, apples and other fruit notes come to the front a bit. 

Palate has some sweetness but also the lemon bitter is hard here. There is fruit and caramel, but it feels rough and dry with lots of floral notes that make it a bit "weird" A middle length finish and scoring it an 6 out of 10. Not blown away with this one... Lets try with a good splash of water to see what it does. On the nose floral and cherry blossom notes appear. The palate becomes a bit more creamy and giving me notes of lemon curd and malt sweetness. With water added would raise the score to 6,5 but still feels "rough" Maybe need to take another dram to the garden...

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