Craigellachie 21 year old

In Craigellachie stands a distillery with the same name, this picture we took a couple of years ago when driving through Speyside. One on WhiskySpeller's list for sure that we hope to be able to visit someday and have a closer look inside...

In a recent Twitter Tasting an 21 year old expression bottled for the Craigellachie Hotel at 57,2% was put in the line up for us all to enjoy. Its nose is sweet at first with vanilla, raisins bit of Werther's original and soft fruits but also bit sulphur in it if I am right?

The palate gives me some bits of dry leather and tobacco notes. Honeyed vanilla sweetness and raisins. But lots of dense notes with dried fruits, apples, banana, mango, passion fruit and kiwi.

On the medium length finish I find some warm notes of honey and soft fruits. The dense feeling of the notes, not coming apart even when tried on different occasions, and the hints of sulphur not only on the nose but also the palate don't make me smile sadly. Scoring it an 6,5 out of 10. You can feel the typical Craigellachie sweetness but it is overpowered a bit it feels by other notes that I cant place.

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