Mannochmore - Flora and Fauna - 12 years old

Photo Whisky Exchange
Bottled at 43% is this expression from the Mannochmore distillery in the Flora and Fauna range.
Almost two years ago WhiskySpeller went on a tour around the distillery and took some pictures (that you can find here) and wrote a bit about it (that is here)

On the nose I get some notes of hay, lemon curd, malt, clover honey, mint, thyme, soft fudge, raspberry, red apple and pear juice.

This continues on the palate and adds some floral notes to the sweet fudge and red apple. Adds some raisin, vanilla and a huge stack of american pancakes with red summer fruits and maple syrup dripping all over it. Very sweet palate for sure at first and leaves you on the middle length finish with a feeling of almond flour, clover honey and a lush lemon tart with big dots of thick cream on top.

The floral notes I get from the palate are like some geraniums, roses and daisies. There is some citrus and mint freshness through it all and it has a syrupy feel to it. Rich notes of stone fruits and grilled pineapple for sure... Balanced but very sweet, scoring an 7,5 /10

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