Aberfeldy 21

The 21 year old expression from the Aberfeldy distillery is bottled at 40%. I had a taste of the 12 year old before and found that one a very pleasant dram so curious to see what the 21 year old does for me.

On the nose there a lot of similar notes that I found in the 12 year old also, looking at fruits, spices, sweet and malty notes. But in this one the cardamom really jumps out to the front together with cinnamon, warm red apple and fudge. It has some more dense notes of a lush sweet mixture that makes me think of an array of good French pastries and creamy honey. Almost something of chilli pepper in there also with soft tobacco notes. I needed to take some time with it I noticed to get the nose to open up a bit.

Taking a sip I get the feeling of taking a whole dried apricot together with a very large spoon of honey comb together in my mouth, a lot of sweetness. The notes from the nose mix perfectly with this, but sadly I find this one to have a bit of a short finish? It has some sweet and fresh fruit notes running through it of red apples, oranges, banana, pear, peach and apricots. Creamy vanilla and raisins mixing in with some prunes and grapefruit. But it fades so quickly sadly... Doubting a bit with the score with this one. It is a lovely whisky, but it does not feel "complete" due to the finish. Doubting between a 7 and 7,5 out of 10. Maybe the small sample I got is not enough to really get to the bottom of this one, and I have to find some more to try again. See what I find then, another time, another chance...

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