The Dalmore 15 year old

Day 5 of The Whisky Advent Calender from the guys at Drink By The Dram brings us the Dalmore 15 year old. Two years ago I made some notes on this dram and did not like it very much. Found it to be a bit fuller then the 12 year old, but only scoring it an 5,5 out 10 at that time. Too much caramel sweetness I wrote down then.
On the nose I found fruits, flowers, vanilla, caramel, raisin and a bit cereal notes. The palate gave me then
chocolate, mandarin, vanilla, toffee, syrup, red apple, creamy, ginger and caramel. Dry but also sweet finish with notes of barley. Glad that I have the chance to try this one again and see if I can appreciate it a bit more...

Syrupy, caramel, red apple, vanilla and some wood notes. Agreeing with my earlier notes must say. And also still finding the caramel bitterness on the finish giving me a bit "dry" mouth feeling. There is some citrus, little hint of tobacco, mint, liquerish and banana also detectable combined with the ginger. Quite a short finish and leaving me with a bit of a watery feel on the palate... Still not a favourite of mine.

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