Elijah Craig - Small Batch Bourbon - 12 years old

Day four of The Whisky Advent Calender that was given to us from Drinks By The Dram brings us the Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon 12 years old to enjoy. I made some notes in 2013 on it in the #LiquidAmericana twitter tasting by The Whisky Wire and scored it back then an 7,5 out of 10 being a full, sweet and warm dram. 

My notes back then were that is was a sweet nose with nice notes of cereal, wood, burned toast, butter, vanilla, floral, lemon, dried fruits, mint, chocolate and walnut. On the warm palate I found spices, sweetness, grain, caramel, vanilla, chocolate, fresh, apricots, red berry's, mint, raisin and a creamy feel. A middle length finish. Sweet like chocolate/mint ice cream in there...

End 2015, sitting here with a sample out of the Advent Calender and curious to see what it will give me this time. Lovely burned toast, thick salted butter, wood notes, crispy bacon and maple syrup. Big stack of American pancakes with syrup. Mhmm... getting hungry here... Writing down my notes I found that a lot of the older notes I find again and still find it a pleasant dram. Toffee, aniseed, warm apples and creamy warm chocolate with thick whipped cream. Staying with my earlier score of it. Thanks for sharing it with us through the Advent Calender.

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