Brimstone Corn Whisky

The last dram on the #BalconesWhisky twitter tasting is the Brimstone Corn Whisky, bottled at 53%

The nose first gave me acetone nail polish remover, rubber, medicinal and crispy backed bacon. I had in an earlier tasting a Brimstone and a Brimstone Ressuraction where I was not highly enthusiastic about back then and getting the same kind of notes and feeling again in this tasting.

On the palate the smoky bacon and wood fire notes continue. A sweet mixture of fruits, honey and charcoal. A good BBQ roast with a liquerish note. The finish is sweet and of middle length with honey, red fruits with creamy vanilla and cherries. Scoring me an 5 out of 10. Writing out the notes the night after the tasting and coughing up charcoal and rubber since the tasting. Giving me an enormous dry mouth.  Finding this not better then back then. Sorry, this is not for me. Thanks for sharing and giving another try at it...

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