Balvenie 15 year old

Day 8 of The Whisky Advent Calender from the guys at Drink By The Dram brings us a Balvenie 15 year old, bottled at 47,8% from a single barrel Sherry cask. Sadly no cask number available. I have tasted at festivals and other events a couple of 15 year old expressions from this distillery like #609#3823Signatory 1974Dun Eideann15 year old and many more that I did not make notes on. Balvenie is one of my favourite distilleries, you cant go wrong with it, and the 15 year old is lovely, even more when a Sherry cask is used to enhance the great notes of the spirit.

So when this one came up in the advent calender I knew this would be a relaxing dram for sure. With making notes it is always different, even when having tasted something before that does not make it sure that you get the same notes out of it. And for these expressions even more, due to being single cask. But even with being single cask, you know what to expect of an 15 year old Balvenie. Each time. Great work keeping the consistency guys! Ok, lets dive into this sample provided by the Drinks By The Dram to us.

A honeyed nose with lots of dried fruits, red summer fruits, light tobacco note, chocolate, vanilla, banana, red apple, orange, soft warm spices and some other fresh citrus notes. The palate shows lots of different fruits, soft brioche bread, creamy chocolate, marzipan, crème brulee, fudge, sultana and red fruits. Fresh citrus notes also here on the background mixing with some notes of dates, honey, baking spices and soft leather. A lovely dram with a good finish on it that scores me an 8,5 out of 10. 

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