Signatory - Glen Mhor 1982/2010

At the festival in Ijmuiden in the master class line up was this Signatory expression from the Glen Mhor distillery. In their cask strength collection is this 27 year old bottling distilled at 01/09/1982, matured in hogshead number #1327 and bottled on 06/04/2010. This was bottle 103 of 235 at a strength of 55%
It is always difficult to take time with a dram when at a festival or master class and to let it come to its full potential in the time given. This one needed some time I decided when first putting my nose into it. It was smelling to me like a farm with a pit of packed hay and fertilizer. With some time it tones down to fresh vegetables and sawdust. Toffee and light wood notes mix with soft vanilla and banana. Adding some water to it opens the nose a bit and shows some sour green apples, bit of salt and old wet wood. Adding some more water this all changes and gives more the toffee, fruit, spices and vanilla the spotlight.

On the palate this shows some harsh young tones, combined with sweet fruit, vanilla, toffee, green apples and liquerish. Being 27 years old it surprises me that I am writing down young... So adding water to it makes it softer, and seems to be able to handle a good amount of water to tone down the red pepper and alcohol harshness. Needs more water and then after a while it becomes velvet soft, apple sweet and shows notes of vanilla, toffee, ginger cake and spices. With water added the farm, wet musty wood and earthy notes subside to the back. Not really a fan of this whisky... Scoring an 6 out of 10.

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