Inchmurrin - 12 year old

Recently I participated in the #InchmurrinWhisky Twitter Tasting where the 12 year old was presented to us all. Some general information they shared with us about Inchmurrin and this expression:
Inchmurrin Whisky is distilled in the unique stills that give the whisky light, floral and grassy notes. The whisky is aged in three types of cask bourbon, refill and re-charred casks for a period of 12 years. These whiskies are then vatted together in a balance only known to our master distiller William White.
The enchanting Isle of Inchmurrin is the largest of Loch Lomond's islands and was once home to a chapel built by Christian monks in the 7th century. Known as the 'Grassy Isle' it is soft, rounded and wonderfully wooded attributes sought after in many a malt. Large enough to support a small community, Inchmurring lends its name to three distinctive whiskies in the island collection. Each unique, but all sharing the characteristics which make this range beautifully different.
It has quite a rich nose with notes like icing sugar, gooseberry, minty fresh, cranberry, rhubarb and warm custard. It is fresh but also creamy, fruity, toffee and honey. A soft nose with notes of porridge, vanilla pudding, red fruits, milk chocolate, dried fruits, rich cake and mango. A promising start this nose for sure!

On the palate liquerish sweet hits me directly. Then anise, honey, figs, oranges, vanilla, raisin, banana, red apple, dried apricots, milk chocolate, mint, citrus and fennel follow in a fast tempo behind it. Some dry brambles, cranberry juice, marzipan, cocos, Bombay mix and soft pineapple. The medium length finish is very sweet but also dry, like sticky honey sweet, making me think of Werther's original after the Rollo dies off with a beeswax layer over it. I must say I like the notes from the nose and palate but it is just to dry and sharp citrus on the finish for me, that brings my score down sadly to an 7 out of 10.

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