From the Wolfburn Distillery, located in Thurso, I got the chance to taste the two year old spirit that has been maturing from 2013 in 2nd fill quarter cask. On the 25th of January 2013 the first new make started to flow. And tasting this two year old spirit makes me looking forward to the moment it comes of age for sure.

It carries next to some young notes a good amount of very sweet and fruity tones. Sweet and ripe forest fruits like blackcurrant, raspberry and blueberries. Red apple, caramel, liquerish, grapefruit, vanilla and marzipan sweetness and pomolo and lime freshness. Almost a bit of a chocolate feel to it. Rich cherry, light malty, light heather and a bit of earthy dry note like of nuts on the medium length finish that is a mixture of sweet demerara sugar with baking spices and cinnamon.

Thanks to Jan Beek of van Wees for letting us taste this one at a tasting he gave at Whisky & Rum aan Zee festival last weekend and telling us more about Wolfburn Distillery. Looking forward to visiting the distillery next year on our next trip to Scotland and seeing all the developments with their lovely spirit.

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