West Indies - Rum & Cane Merchants - Philippines XO Rum

The West Indies - Rum & Cane Merchants have a single cask bottling from the Philippines. It comes from the distileria Bago, and made from molases, matured in a refil rum cask. This is from cask #1, bottle number 204 and bottled at 46%

First rubbery and dark spices above a sweet layer of dark heather honey. Molasses, caramel and fudge

Some dark caramel sweetness and sugarcane with rich vanilla and light wood note underneath. Dark berries, blackcurrant
nutmeg, clove, laurel, mace and dry

Medium length finish and a bit dry

Scoring this a small 7 due to the the bit rubbery and strong molasses notes that is too heavy on the palate and nose, like too heavy black tea, cinnamon pods and wood all combined in one. Not my favorite.

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