English Whisky Co - Classic (Whisky Exchange exclusive release)

This is a distillery bottling exclusive for the Whisky Exchange. The classic is normally at 43% and this bottling is at 53,4% available at the Whisky Exchange shop. Lovely expression with a rich and lively nose and palate.

The nose was first sweet and fruity, but also had something fresh running through it. Vanilla, toffee, red apples, marzipan, creamy, tropical fruit like ripe mango, a warm spicy layer, speculaas, biscuits, tangerines, light nutty and much more. The palate is much like the nose and it all feels quite balanced with a good "byte" to it. Lovely fruit notes of mango, kiwi, oranges and pink grapefruit. Maybe a hint of cocos shavings in the back? 

It has a good length and sweet finish with some red peppers and salty dark chocolate. That mixed with warm vanilla sauce, rich sultana's and forest fruits makes it a lovely dram.

Added some water to it to see what it would do and it got a bit softer and the rich fruits and spices flattened out. That I did not like for the nose, and wanted to be able to extract the water out of it, but sadly not possible. But on the palate it gave an other layer of creamy soft fruits like passion fruits, pomegranate and red apples. More reminding me of a smoothie. More like velvet rich chocolate with soft spices and cookie dough. Great whisky and scoring it an 8,5 out of 10. Thanks Billy for sharing this Whisky Exchange exclusive dram with us! Cheers!

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