White Horse

At the tasting at Whisky & Rum aan Zee festival there were some lovely bottlings including this White Horse bottling

On the nose there is sweetness, honey, light floral and malty. Some hay, vanilla richness and silky creamy. After some time a bit more cookie dough, baking spices, raisin, cinnamon, dried figs. Green apple freshness, elderberry, red apple and pears.

Then waiting some more and warming up the glass more blossom and orchard fruits are coming forward and I called this one "A drive around the Betuwe" (an area in the Netherlands famous for their different fruit productions). Lots of fresh fruits and in the back some light tobacco and caramel.

A whisky that gives you the impression of "chewing"  a bit when tasting and giving some harder citrus tones that are coming forward with some caramel and bit of dryness. Furthermore much like the nose on the palate.

With some time it gains some more sweetness and the hard citrus faded away and was replaced by more oranges and red apple. The dryness is also with time easier to separate, and you can detect some spices and green herbs.

A lovely dram, but certainly needs a good while to develop to its full potential, scoring it tasted at the festival a small 7,5 out of 10. But know for sure when I could have spend more time with it it would have shown more depth.

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