Glendronach - 19yo (Whisky Exchange exclusive release)

From the Whisky Exchange comes an exclusive release from the Glendronach distillery. Distilled on the 27th of September 1995, and matured for 19 years in a PX Sherry Puncheon #4028. Bottled in July 2015, in total 697 Bottles at 55.4% drawn from the cask. Not a cheap bottling for sure, but it is a beauty I discovered when making notes on it. Shall we have a look?

Sweet and dense nose with rich spices and a bit dry leather and some cigars. Big leather arm chairs, a roaring fire, that is the setting this whisky is placed perfectly in. When warming the glass the more richer sweetness comes forward. A rich nose for sure with dried plums, hint of Turkish delight, black tea and fresh figs. Creamy, soft, sweet and spicy.

The palate is creamy, warm and much like the nose. Rich sweet fruit notes and thick rich fruit cake, chipolata pudding, raisin, dried apricots, pears, banana, figs, plums, vanilla pods, coffee, dark chocolate, star anise and thick cream.  Hints of different tropical fruits, dark tea leafs with a creme brulee sweet soft and creamy feel. Hints of oranges and lemon popping up with a hint of equaliptus in the back.

A good length finish, balanced, and almost has something meaty in it. Like a good stew in a thick Asian marinade? With some water added it all opened up but also getting more a feeling of cigars and soft notes of old books. It feels less powerful and shows softer notes of baking spices, marzipan, oranges and light chocolate.

The water I added was just a little, but it enhances the soft vanilla and raisins in it and pushes the thick notes with black tea and fruit notes far far to the back. I find it a shame that with a bit of water it just seems to lose its power, the thickness in it. Great dram, and in the not diluted state, I score this an 8,5 out of 10. Has a lovely balance between the dry, spicy, sweet and other notes. As said, I find the price quite steep for a bottle, but still it is quite good whisky.

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