The Octomore 07.3

The Octomore 07.3 edition, distilled in 2010 from Islay barley, matured for 5 years and bottled at 63% and 169PPM. Bruichladdich sent over a sample of this lovely dram to explore and enjoy. On the Bruichladdich website you can find information about the history of the Octomore but also the news that the 07.3 was released to the world.
"Each vintage of these uber-provenance whiskies varies with the climate, the barley variety and the location. This latest Octomore of Octomore, grown on Lorgba field but obscurely designated "7.3", was distilled from the harvest of 2009. It was peated to a colossal 169ppm but the spirit is satin smooth despite the awesome power delivered by 63% abv."
For people who know us a little bit it is no secret that we love this distillery and that we specially love the Octomore. So this sample is slowly enjoyed for sure between Thomas and I. Thanks guys for sharing it with us! Curious to read some more on this distillery? Here is the link to the latest article that WhiskySpeller published after the Feis Ile events there.

A couple of times I sat down to make notes on this edition of the Octomore, and every time I forgot to make them. So it took me a while, but before the last drops were gone from the sample I managed to write my thoughts on it down on digital paper.

First a very high citrus note and a bit iodine on the nose. Dark sweet tones underneath, covered by the young feel of somewhat new make... But not unpleasant. There are dark summer fruits jam, red apples, pulled pork, toasted wood, vanilla, raisins, followed by a wave of maritime notes. Some stone fruits jelly and soft flower notes come to the front fighting with the stronger lemon on top. When giving it some time and warming up the glass it changes a bit to something buttery mixed with sweet fruits and toffee. Thinking also of some herbs but cant seem to pin them down.

The palate shows the smoky character softly through the creamy, warm, sweet fruity notes. Rich thick warm vanilla pudding comes to mind with fresh strawberries and raspberries on top. And richly covered with chocolate sprinkles. Ripe orchard fruits and tropical fruits keep popping up together with a delicate fresh citrus layer and mint. Malt, honey, thyme, ginger, creamy and rich toffee. A lovely dram with a good length finish that leaves you with a sweet, creamy and fruity after taste. I do like whiskies like this, full bodied and good mixture of the dryer smoke / peaty notes and the sweet spirit. Scoring it an 8,5/10. But well as said before these expressions don't go wrong quickly with me, so I love to hear your thoughts on it, this is only my experience with it... So what do you think?

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