Kintra - Auchentoshan 15 years old

Tasted this 15 year Auchentoshan from Kintra at the festival last week and found it to a bit difficult one to get to the bottom off quickly. It seems to need some time to open up a bit.

On the nose there was a note of a pasta of concentrated spices. You know like the pasta mixtures you can find in the supermarket for asian / indian cooking? Mixed that with honey, red apple and some light wood note and you get an interesting mix. Tried to pull the pasta of spices apart but just could not get them to fall apart.

This continued on the palate and got some clear black pepper popping up, and some notes got darker, like toasted spices can be. There are some great fruit notes, apples, light grassy and vanilla but the dense spices and bit woody note are holding me back a bit in loving it. There was a medium length finish where some fresher fruit notes tried to pop up, but covered again with the other ones.

It was distilled in 1998 and bottled in 2014. Maybe this one needed more time then what I could give it at the festival. Tried adding a bit of water in my glass, but no success. Scoring it for now an 7 out of 10, and need to come back to this one and see what happens if I just let it sit for over half an hour or so... Experiment some more with it...

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