Kintra - 6th confidential cask

Kintra is an independent bottler found here in the Netherlands. Erik is a guy who is passionate about the bottlings he puts on the table and in the past I made some notes on his different expressions. At the last festivals his table was a bit crowded sadly (for us) to get a chance to look at some new additions. But at the festival last weekend in Ijmuiden we got our chance and tried some very different expressions. Was great catching up and making some new notes on it.

One of the beauties I tasted was this 6th confidential cask, 7 years old, distilled in 2007 and bottled in 2014 at 54,5%. Distillery is not disclosed so I wont tell you that it lies at the lovely Lagavulin Bay? Remember this one? Also a great young one from this distillery :-)  

On the nose there is soft sweetness and heather notes. An array of different fruits like apples, pears and bananas that are mixed with a light earthy and peaty note. There is some freshness in the back and makes it feel fresh, sweet and full.

This continues on the palate and gives a very nice fruity feel with red pepper. Rich and many spices come to mind that I cant name exactly at this point but lovely mix. Balanced and warming dram with a good mix between the heather/peat notes and the sweet fruit ones. A good length finish where the vanilla notes become stronger and show also some lush red fruits. Scoring this one an 8,5 out of 10. Lovely one and glad I got the chance to taste a young Lagavulin again some more.

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