Hunter Laing - Highland Journey - Tasting Notes

The first blended malt as Hunter Laing. Inspired by Stewart Laing's first visits to the Highlands as a child with his father, Highland Journey is composed of malts distilled exclusively in the Highlands region. Bottled at 46.2%, each small batch bottling contains whiskies matured in bourbon and sherry casks.

Young, malty, fresh, green apples, gingerbread, whiff of darker heather honey and some thyme? There is a sweeter layer hidden under the malty notes, with fruits, toffee, vanilla and raisins. Watermelon, grapes, pomegranate and pomolo. Light sweet but also fresh sour notes with sour berries and a hint of creme brulee. With time the nose becomes more sweeter and delivers also more the notes found on the palate.

Raisins and toffee at first, and the fruit became more warm red apple like, with some warm honey and chocolate note. The nose was fresh, fruity and young and the palate delivers more a dried fruit Mediterranean feel with some oranges, just a hint of lemon, and a honey comb waxy covered mouth feel. Some spice in the back and baking spices and marzipan.

Medium length finish. Warm, sweet, honey, toffee, raisin and a bit dry cocoa powder in the back.

Scoring a 7 to 7,5 out of 10. It is not an expensive whisky and is very nice, could enjoy this on a warm summer night for sure. Has a bit of nice warming but also fresh citrus notes and is very accessible for many whisky drinkers I think. Thanks for sharing a sample of this with us!

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