Benromach Traditional - Tasting Notes

The Benromach Traditional is 80% bourbon-matured and the remaining 20% in sherry casks. The both sides can be found in here for sure. 
Sweet, bit earthy, dark honey, equaliptus, vanilla, pine, nutty and strong forest plants smells. There is a sweet almost fudge layer beneath the earthy and forest notes.

Malty, lemon, ginger and young grassy. Cold stewed pears in red wine and a cinnamon stick. With some water added the earthy note goes a little to the back, but it does not change much.

Pepper, creamy, coffee beans, vanilla, dark chocolate, smoke, dry cinnamon and cocoa notes. Nutty, heather, the notes from the nose come back for sure.

It looks in one way balanced, and is nice, but goes back and forth in my mind. From one side being sweet, creamy and fruity to the other side where it is very young, earthy dry and cinnamon all across your teeth feel mixed with malt.

Not so long, with a sugary sweet feeling at the end with dry cinnamon...

7 out of 10. It is nice, but if I would have a choice I would rather go for the 10 yo I think.

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