Compass Box - Orangerie Spirit - Tasting Notes

We found a 35 cl bottle of the Compass Box Orangerie recently and in our exploration of this company this is something really different. 

It is made from smooth, sweet Scotch whisky infused with the hand-zested peel of Navalino oranges and subtle accents of Indonesia cassia bark and Sri Lankan cloves as they tell us on the website. They use a soft, sweet blend of Highland single malt and single grain whisky from Fife.

Orange, pomolo, warm wintery spices, anise, vanilla, hint of mint and liquerish in the back. Oranges are very overpowering and gives me a barrier to reach the underlying notes a bit. Bit of cloves and some fresh wood notes, almost pine, in the back with some dark chocolate.  It gives me the feeling of Christmas and potpourri a bit mixed with some good sauna/steam room flavours.

Vanilla, oranges, light dark chocolate note and pomolo mixed with some grapefruit comes to mind at first. There are some warm spices in here and mixed with the citrus notes it is a fresh but warming drink. Like a Christmas cake a bit.

Sweet, fresh and citrus on the medium length finish

At first the oranges are a bit overpowering, but with some time it is fresh and sweet, with a nice balance in it. It is said that this is a nice wintery dram, and it certainly has that feel to it. Will get back to this one on a later moment for another visit, when its colder outside. Think the spices and warm notes will pop more to the front then. It is lovely, but as said a real cold weather drink or maybe use it in a cocktail? With just a bit of it I can imagine it would give a powerful boost to it. 

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