Balblair - 1990 - 2nd release -Tasting Notes

At Maltstock we tasted in the masterclass from Balblair the 1990 - 2nd Release expression what is bottled at 46% and natural colour and non chill-filtered. This one is  matured in American oak ex-bourbon casks and Spanish oak ex-sherry butts. This is to replace the 1989 Vintage.

Did not get the possibility to get a lot of notes on it written down sadly but the nose and palate are very sweet and fruity. Bit of pepper and warm, the sherry influence is very clearly present. Some fudge, sticky syrup and a light vegetable note in back.

The medium length finish has some tropical fruit notes combined with the sweetness from fudge ect. Scoring this one from the quick taste in the masterclass a good 7 out of 10. Really think with some more time with this one it could get higher, lots to find in there...

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