Compass Box - Delilah's - Tasting Notes

Making some notes on this lovely Delilah's of Compass Box was no punishment I can tell you that! Lovely expression and very happy that we found a bottle of it. On the back of the bottle Compass box tells us the story behind this bottle.

This Limited Release whisky is a homage to Mike Miller's legendary Chicago punk rock whisky bar Delilah's which celebrated its 20th anniversary on 29th August 2013. 

Developed jointly by John Glaser and Mike Miller, it is an expression of their shared vision that great whisky should be enjoyed by all. It is an intense yet subtly complex Scotch whisky aged in a mix of experimental new American oak barrels and rejuvenated American oak hogsheads. 

This bestows it with a lovely, intense richness, vanilla 
character and sweetness. It has been created to be perserved as a shot with a beer! 

Distillery Sourcing: 
Single malts from the towns of Alness and Longmorn 
(approx 50% of the recipe); single grain Whisky from Fife (approx 50% of the recipe). 

Bottling Details: 
Bottled at 40%. Not chill filtered. Natural colour
Shall we have a look at this one more closely?

Sweet, stone fruits, tropical, honey suckle, pineapple, orange
chocolate, raisin, anise, vanilla pods, sponge cake, cream, demerara sugar, custard, fudge, red apple, charentais melon, cucumber, and a light fresh tobacco flavor in the far back.

Elderberries blossom, flower honey, roses, pear juice, strawberries, red berries and a couple of other sweet fruit notes in here I cant seem to place. Fruity and floral nose mixed with some nice sweet sugary desert like flavors.

Flower honey, chocolate, tropical fruit notes, fresh, grapefruit, orange, vanilla, almonds and sultanas. Very creamy chocolate coating of the mouth instantly with a mix of the lovely fruit and flower notes from the nose. Citrus freshness in the mix with a hint of mint in the back.

Some very nice deserts are coming to mind, but also the pastries are well noticeable there. Chocolate croissants, brioche, Zeeuwse bolus, chocolate chip cookies, cookie dough, pancakes with syrup, bit powder sugar and fresh cream buns

A very good medium length finish, soft and creamy with fresh citrus notes of pink grapefruit and oranges. Some creamy vanilla pudding and banana's with chocolate sprinkles on top.

This is a lovely dram, feels balances and could enjoy me a dram of this often. Very happy to have a full bottle what is not going to last long I am afraid. Very lovely. Sweet, but not too overpowering sweet, rich in fruit and floral notes and some other goodies. An 8 out of 10 for me for this lovely expression of the Compass Box.

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