Compass Box - Eleuthera - Tasting Notes

Nosing and tasting the lovely Compass Box Eleuthera, their very first vatted malt. It is combined of 15 year-old malt whisky from the village of Brora, aged in re-charred hogsheads, with 12 year-old malt from the village of Port Askaig. It was bottled at 46% and distributed between 2002/2005. When the 15 year-old malt they needed was no longer available aged in re-charred casks they decided to stop the production

Honey glazed ham, bit meaty, peat and salty feel at first. Then roasted vegetables and paprika. Behind this is a sweet rich fruity layer. Red apple, crisp bacon, pepper, bit hay and some dried stone fruits.

It reminds me of RÖMERTOPF recipe that my parents make at home with potato slices, sausages, dried apples, beans, raisins etc. It is a sweet mixture of many different earthy, meaty and fruity notes.  Is it not weird sometimes how whisky can transfer you back to a memory or moment instantly, and you just see and feel all the senses again?

Pepper and meaty with honey drizzling through it all. Bit toast and malty notes with some fresh citrus notes and fresh green herbs like rosemary and citrus thyme. This dram is getting me hungry now, oh my....

Going from a good marinated piece of spareribs to canned fruit with heavy syrup. Vanilla, light earthy vegetable note, heather honey, and some melon with Serrano ham. Warm red apples, nutmeg, mint and pomolo.

Sticky honey coating left on the mouth with dark chocolate and vanilla lingering on the medium length palate.

7,5 out of 10 for sure this one. It is peaty with lots of different flavours and gives me a rich and balanced feeling to it. Now of to the kitchen and make me some early dinner, getting hungry from all these nice rich flavors I am getting.

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