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Recently we have been tasting some very nice expressions from the The James Sedgwick Distillery. Andy Watts, master whisky distiller and manager there was in the Netherlands and he brought us some samples to explore from South Africa.

My notes on the Three Ship Select, the 10 year old and Three Ships 5 year old Premium Select whisky can be found by clicking on the links. Soon I will be tasting the Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish, but first it is time to review a cracking Single Grain whisky from this same distillery. Thomas placed his notes also on this one, and I think it is clear we will be looking out for this one for sure. So, what can they tell us about this South Africa's first Single Grain whisky?

Bain's Cape Mountain Whisky is distilled and double matured at The James Sedgwick Distillery which is situated near the foothills of the Bainskloof Pass in Wellington. The Cape Mountains rearing their heads of 850 million year old sandstone are covered by many indigenous fynbos species and this is the canvas against which South Africa's first Single Grain whisky is created.

It takes meticulous care and craftsmanship to create a premium whisky. Our dedicated Distiller, Jeff Green , is responsible for crafting South Africa’s first and only 100% single grain whiskyat The James Sedgwick Distillery. With a love for science and a background in biochemistry, he blends his experience with his passion for premium production to bring us a whisky of international acclaim.

Only the finest South African grain is used to create our elegant premium whisky. Made from water that flows over 850 million year old sandstone and indigenous fynbos, Bain's Cape Mountain Whisky holds a unique and distinctive flavour profile. Our whisky is quite uniquely double matured in specially selected first-fill bourbon casks. After the initial three years' maturation, the whisky is transferred to a second set of first-fill bourbon casks to age for a further two years while continuing to extract further flavour.

Have a look at this nice commercial of Bain's to see the beautiful surrounding it has come from, dont you just want to go there instantly to see it yourself? Want to have a little look inside the process and distillery? Then have a look here or here for more on this...  Also found a review that Ralfy did a bit back on this one, really one to look out for and try it.

Lots of fruit, sweet, liquerish, raisins, rich vanilla, fresh pastries, banana, a custard bun with icing sugar on top.

Fresh summer fruit, little hint of white pepper, pink grapefruit, caramel, toffee, anise. It gives a bit of a bourbon feel to it really. Light (very light) woody notes in the back with fresh strawberries. Fruits, sweet, some spices and creamy chocolate notes.

Dried apricots, mango, hint of coconut, black liquerish, orange, lemon, lots of dried stone fruits, toffee, fruitcake, soft flower honey and caramel.

Sweet vanilla pods, red apple, cherry, red berries, gooseberry, elderflower, Turkish delight, fresh pastries, raisins, chocolate, icing sugar, Victoria sponge cake...

Medium length finish with a sweet, chocolate, toffee and raisin note to it.

Warm, fruity, sweet, very nice! Young and fresh but also rich and complex, but with a soft creamy feel to it. Feels balanced, scored me an 7,5/10

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