Three Ships - Bourbon Cask Finish - Tasting Notes

Tasting the Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish today from the The James Sedgwick Distillery. What can they tell us about this one?

"This is a pioneer in its own right. Released in 2005, this premium whisky is a first of its kind, a 100% South African blended whisky and is enjoyed by pioneers looking for something unique. This blended whisky consists of malt and grain components that are distilled and matured here in South Africa. After its initial three year maturation period, the blended whisky is placed in first-fill American Bourbon Casks for a further six month marrying period. The casks are imported from America and give this premium whisky a slightly sweeter finish with hints of vanilla and spice."

Thanks Andy Watts for bringing us some samples to explore from South Africa! Was great exploring them! My notes on the Three Ship Select, the 10 year old, the Three Ships 5 year old Premium Select and Bain's can be found by clicking the links.

Soft creamy milk chocolate, fresh citrus notes, almonds, cereal, orange, lime, onion grass, raisin, vanilla, toast, orange marmalade, fresh and sweet

Raisin, vanilla, some chilli pepper in the back and mixed dried stone fruits. Honey sweet, and combined with rich fruit cake with icing sugar on top and fudge next to it. The Tony's chocolate with caramel, chocolate and salt. Citrus freshness and some mint coming through very nice and balanced with the rich sweet notes.

Medium creamy length finish with a chocolate milk mouth feel with a big full spoon of honey

Liked this one, it is soft, but caries a bit through the chilli pepper, and combined with the other sweet notes it does it really well. Scored it a 7,5 out of 10.

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